Saturday, March 5, 2011

My LEE family Surname

Last week, I posted about my maiden name "Francis". My dad's last name. But I am equally of my mother, and her maiden name was "Lee". So this week, we're going to post some of the Lee ancestry.


The first KNOWN Lee in our line, of whom we are aware is Richard Lee. Richard was born December 16, 1830 in Buchanan County, VA. He married to Nancy Fuller, she was the daughter of John Fuller and Christina Rasnick.


Richard Lee and his wife, Nancy Fuller Lee had several children including James Hamilton Lee, born 1857 in Buchanan County, VA. Grandpa James married Sarah Lockhart in 1900. Sarah was from Pike County, Kentucky.


James Hamilton Lee and Sarah Lockhart Lee had one child, my grandfather, Charles Compton Lee. Sarah died in childbirth and my grandfather was raised by her sister, Julie Lockhart Blankenship and her husband, Mont Blankenship. He went by the last name "Blankenship" at times.


Charles Compton Lee married Mary Ethel Smith Lee and they had eleven children, ten of whom reached adulthood. My mother was the third oldest. Opal Virginia Lee married Joseph Francis Jr. on December 3, 1949 in the Pike County Courthouse with Justice of the Peace, Noah Hobbs officiating.

And that brings me to... well... ME. Geneva France Burton Coleman.

I will fill in some more information about my Lee Surname and the other Surnames mentioned here, including FULLER, LOCKHART, and SMITH in subsequent posts. Until next time..happy hunting for your family!


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