Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Appalachian Surnames

We've been talking in general about Appalachia and its history and culture and ancestory. I think it's now time to talk specifically about MY Appalachian history. In the next few posts you'll be hearing about my family ancestors specifically. If my scanner decides to cooperate, you'll be seeing some vintage pictures as well. Some of the family Surnames that I have researched or am continuing to research are:

Francis or France (my maiden name)
Lee (my mother's maiden name)
Smith (originally German and "Schmidtt" -- my maternal grandmother's
maiden name
Daughtery (Irish)
Honaker (Swiss)
Fuller (Swiss)
May (English)
Hurley (Irish)

There are many others, of course, but we'll start with those. That should keep us busy for a while. Many regards to my followers and faithful.
*Horse photo above copyright Susan Troxell See 2010 of Lexington, Ky.


  1. Even if we don't have the same ancestors it could be they were neighbors in Wise Co., VA.

  2. Yes, they most likely were at least neighbors and probably related somewhere along the way! Thanks, Janeen!